About Me

Since you've wandered onto this page, I'll assume that you've come looking for a little bit more information about me...since that's what the title of this page is.  (Aren't I intuitive?)

Let's start with the basics.  I'm 26, married, and live in Missouri.  I'm a teacher-librarian at an alternative high school as well as a public library associate on alternate weekends. My wonderful hubby blogs here about beer, in case you're interested.  We live in a teeny-tiny town of about 200 in our lovely little house with our two cats...and we commute 64 miles a day (about 32 miles each way).  (Jealous? Yeah, I figured not...)

I started this book blog simply as a way to record the books I read and what I think about them.  I was reading a book for my church group when I stumbled upon this story about a nun who kept a notecard with a brief "review" of every book that she read so she'd never forget.  I was like, "That's what I should do with that blog that's been sitting empty since 2009!"  So, really, this blog is for me.  It's like a personal reading journey.  Sometimes I don't finish books...and then I don't write about them.  I try to be as honest as possible when I write, but I'll let you know that I almost always try to find the good in a novel.  Every book has its reader and I like to figure out who that reader might be...why they would like this book.


I am not compensated for any of the reviews that I write--positive or otherwise.  Any and all books received for review are given honest, thoughtful consideration, regardless of the source.  I DO receive a tiny compensation if you click on my Amazon links to purchase a book that I have recommended (you know, tiny as in less than $0.50).  Any profits made through your clicks are used to purchase books for the very small, under-funded library at the alternative high school where I work.


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