Review Policy

I am currently not accepting books for review due to current review obligations, a new job, and school. (Exceptions may include authors with whom I am familiar and have either positively reviewed in the past and/or already worked with in the past OR books that I have specifically requested.) Here are my guidelines/preferences for reviewing:

Books I Will Review
Young Adult
This is what I am most passionate about reading and reviewing. I read widely in the genre and there are virtually no limits to what I might find interesting.  If you're curious if I might enjoy your book, check out the list of books that I've read (and some I've reviewed) to get an idea of my tastes.  I do, however, reserve the right to decline a review if I believe that the book will not be of interest to me.

Middle Grade
This is an area I have basically just started exploring, but I have found that I really enjoy! I do a  "Tween Tuesday" post (if I've read a MG book) to feature these reads.  I enjoy reading stories similar to the books that I read in the YA genre.

While the focus of my blog is YA/MG literature, I have a soft spot in my heart for adult romance novels so I do a mini-review feature on Fridays to showcase the titles that I read. (called "Friday Fling").  I enjoy contemporary romance, category romance, and regency/historical  romance. I do take the "heat" level into consideration when reviewing on my blog since this is a primarily YA/MG blog and thus do not accept erotica for review and erotic romance will be looked at on a case-by-case basis. My mini-reviews will consist of two paragraphs--one a brief summary and one a brief review.  These posts have been among some of my most viewed.

Other Categories
While I read widely in a variety of other genres, you won't often see them featured here on my blog.  I like to keep a little focus.  If you would still like me to consider reading your book, I may post a review on Goodreads and/or LibraryThing if I enjoy it. However, these books will not take precedence in my reading list.

I am willing to consider in ePub/PDF formats compatible with the NookColor. I greatly enjoy physical copies and often find them easier to get through

My reviews will be posted here at Reading in the Corner with a picture of the cover, a synopsis/summary, (generally from Goodreads), title details, my opinion as a reader, my source of obtaining the book, and generally a link to buy the book. When I can, I like to include read-a-likes and interest groups. I also try to post my reviews on Goodreads and often update cross-postings to Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble.

Time Frame
I will try to read and review your book in the most timely manner possible, but please understand that my TBR list is quite lengthy and I have two jobs and classes while pursuing my MLS. Please let me know if there is a certain time frame in which you would like me to review your book. If at all possible, I will try to meet this deadline.  Books that I have expressed interest in will take preference in reading/reviewing (my wishlist).

Special Considerations

Author Interviews/Guest Posts/Giveaways:
I welcome author interviews or having an author write a guest blog post. Let me know what would work best with your book promotion. I also LOVE hosting giveaways for books because what's better than a shiny new book in the mail? When requesting a review, please let me know if you would like to host a giveaway. This is typically a wonderful way to receive some extra publicity for your book.

Unreviewed Books:
Occasionally, I read a book about which I can say nothing positive. If that is the case, I typically do not post the review. I want my blog to feature books that I have read and loved or books that I moderately enjoy and believe others could fall in love with. If neither of those things seem to be possible, I may not be able to review.


Every review given at Reading in the Corner is fair and solely my own opinion about each particular book. The positive reviews that I post are not required of me through any form of agreement or compensation.  I also reserve the right to post a negative review or to not review a book at all.  I also retain the right not to accept a review copy if I believe that your book would not be a good fit for my blog.

Thank you for your consideration! I love reading and reviewing books, and I look forward to partnering together to promote your book!

I can be contacted at readinginthecorner11 [at] gmail [dot] com. Hope to hear from you!


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