26 October 2012

{Unplanned} Blogging Hiatus

Source: http://ugaadmissions.blogspot.com/2011/04/out-of-office.html 
Hi, friends and fellow readers!  As I procrastinate this fine evening, I realized that it has been QUITE some time now since I posted here and I wanted to offer up an explanation. :)


First, I'm finishing my MA in Library Science this semester and at the school I attend, that means comps.  It has meant a full week of working all day and researching/writing all night and it's been stressful.

Second, I'm presenting at the YA Lit Symposium. (Anyone else attending? I'm super excited!) I'm on a panel presenting about LGBT literature for teens and my major role in the project has been creating a blog/website with book reviews and resources (and, of course, reading books to review) because my section of the presentation is on collection development. (Wanna see it? Find it HERE.)

By mid-November I'm hoping to be able to post the backlog of things I've read because I really have read some great books lately!! Thank you much to those of you who have stuck around. :)

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