03 January 2014

2014 Reading/Blogging "Resolution"

I realize that I haven't posted for a LONG time (*gasp* has it REALLY been since AUGUST?!)  The truth is that between pregnancy and the second year of my "new" job as a school librarian, I've been too busy or sick to really read and especially to read well enough to actually review books.  I didn't even meet my 2013 goal of reading 200 books.  (Sad, really, considering I read 150 before July!)

So...where does that leave this lonely little blog?  My thoughts at this moment are that I want to "revive" it a little but I don't want to stress about it at all.  I mean, I think the little bundle of joy coming in March will be plenty of stress so I want this to be my fun thing, like it was intended to be from the beginning. I was looking at how my blog evolved over its first almost two years of life and the difference between those first few posts and the more recent ones is interesting.  Back when I started, I didn't care AT ALL about followers or review copies or stats.  I just wanted a fun place to talk about books and somewhere to record my personal thoughts on a book.

So, my 2014 blogging "resolution" is to get back to basics and make this fun.  Will I continue to lose followers?  Maybe but that's not why I do this.  Will I review books that people aren't necessarily currently interested in?  Yeah, probably, because I am SO backlogged in my reading. Will I participate in memes and hops, etc.?  Maybe but only on a very limited basis based on what I really WANT to do.

There you have it.  While I'm going to continue this blog, I see it as more of a fun outlet for the reading that I do personally (and kind of professionally...seeing as I am a high school librarian). I want to remember the things that I read and use this to help me grow as a reader and a librarian. Stick around if you'd like...or not. :)

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