11 October 2011

Tune in Tuesday: Soundtrack Edition! (8)

A weekly feature hosted by GReads! that showcases music! Each week she posts a new or old song in hopes to gain more interest. Join in the fun and spread the love of music! If you want to participate, follow the link above and link up at her blog...then check out what everyone is sharing this week!

This Tuesday's Soundtrack Tunes:
The Call by Regina Spektor

These songs are from the Narnia movie, Prince Caspian, which I actually saw BEFORE I saw the first movie (silly friends and a cheap movie theater). I adore Regina Spektor, so I was slightly annoyed when I found out that the only way to buy this song on iTunes was to buy the whole album. I love it so much and I've been known to turn it up loud when it comes across my Pandora. :-)

This is Home by Switchfoot

I just really enjoy these lyrics and it happens to have been used in this movie. :-)


Dirtybrit said...

You know..I have never seen these movies..I want to, but I never seem to pick them up and actually watch them. 

DJ_Librarian said...

Goodness, I'd not heard "The Call" in so long, and I love "This is Home." :) Then again, I love Switchfoot. It's great hearing both of these songs here. Another favorite is Relient K's "In Like a Lion (Always Winter)." Thank you for sharing!

Jess @ Gone with the Words said...

Oh, Switchfoot. :) I will forever love this band because my fiance and I met at their concert. And that Regina song is so good!

Jen D. said...

Love Switchfoot and Regina Spektor.  I enjoyed these picks.

Jess @ Gone with the Words   Awww!  That's so sweet!

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