19 July 2012

The Dream Slayer Tour: Character Interview & E-Book Giveaway!

Today I have the pleasure of hosting an interview with Natalie and Tristan from The Dream Slayer! They're super fun so I hope you'll take a gander and read all the way down for a great e-book giveaway!

Welcome to Reading in the Corner, Natalie and Tristan! It's so great to have you both here today. :) Let's start with the basics--can you tell us a little bit about yourselves? 
Natalie: Thanks for having us here! It's so much fun to do something different! I'm Natalie, I'm 17. I live with parents and have an older married sister, who I sometimes see. Soon I'm going to be an aunty! Next year is my last of high school.
Tristan: Score! This school thing is way more work than I was promised on that first day of Kindergarten.
Natalie: *giggle* You thought your mother was waiting right outside.
Tristan: Hey, that was supposed to be our secret….I'm Tristan Miller. I'm 17 and I live a few streets from Nat with my parents and our dog, Corky. I have a brother who moved to the big city of Burlington Vermont. He has a job on the news as an anchor or something like that. Hard to know more since he won't return our calls.
Natalie: I call him stinky Rick face.
Tristan: It's nicer than what I call him. 
 How long have you been friends? How did you meet? 
Tristan: Since as far back as I can remember.
Natalie: We met as babies at the park. Tristan followed me around with his shovel and we played in the sandbox. I was just starting to walk so I guess we were around one.
Tristan: Hilarity and naptime ensued ever since. Except we stopped taking naps together by the time we were three.
Natalie: Otherwise it'd be creepy. We've been in classes together and every summer we'd play and do something every day.
Tristan: *smiles* Some things never change. 
What do you like to do for fun? 
Tristan: I have a popular school blog. Other than that, the normal stuff. Movies, TV. Youtube is a great school work distraction.
Natalie: I love videos with kittens. Too bad my parents still have dial up.
Tristan: I don't even know how that's possible.
What about you, Natalie? 
Natalie: I love to read and sometimes I write poetry and short stories sometimes. When we're together we love to get coffee at the Magic Bean, go to the movies, or just hang out at Tristan's house. Oh, and I daydream *knowing smile*. 
What's one random fact about you? 
Natalie: I still sleep with my teddy bear from when I was a baby. And I have a pet hamster named Plucky because I wanted him to be a bird instead.
Tristan: Hey, you cheated. That's two!
Natalie: *giggle* Oops!
Tristan: One random fact about me is I can whistle out my nose the Mission Impossible theme while drinking milks.
Natalie: He's making that up.
Tristan: Hey, get me a glass of milk and I'll prove it. 
What makes you unique? 
Natalie: Oh, nothing really except my dreams created a thinking, breathing, alternate dimension parallel to ours.
Tristan: And I'm supposed to follow that how?
Natalie: *shrugs*
Tristan: I have the uncanny ability to sense danger and run in the opposite direction. 
If you could do anything after you finish high school, what would it be? 
Tristan: I want to go to college and become an investigative reporter that travels the globe. But first I'd like to backpack across Europe.
Natalie: That sounds fun.
Tristan: You can come with me.
Natalie: *smile* I really just want to get through high school without dying! After that I'd love to open a boutique or something downtown. I love downtown. 
What's it like living in Meadow Creek? 
Natalie: We're really close to ski country, so during the winter I love the rush of people visiting. In the summer, there are some hikers and a lot of shops and restaurants close up, but it feels more intimate. We know everyone and can do normal, everyday stuff without the crowds.
Tristan: What she's trying to say is that it's dull.
Natalie: That's not true. I love it here. The mountains are gorgeous and we can go hiking whenever we want.
Tristan: Except we never do.
Natalie: Yeah, but we *could*. 
Has it always been so weird? 
Tristan: I want to say no, but the people that live here are eccentric and strange.
Natalie: That's why he lives here *smirk*
Tristan: I think maybe people are drawn to here. When we were kids we used to think that the circus clowns were possessed and we ended up stranded in a tent.
Natalie: Mr. Buckle rescued us.
Tristan: Right, which just proves, that yes, it is always been strange. That or I have an active imagination. Your guess is as good as mine. 
Natalie, let's talk just a little about your dreams. Can you tell us a little about them? 
Natalie: Like everyone else, when I dream sometimes I'm someone else. I'm taller, my hair is blond instead of brown and I have these crazy adventures and I always save the day. Sometimes they're campy, but they're always fun. I had no idea they were more than dreams until some of the dreams began to um, manifest in town.
Tristan: It sounds creepier every time I hear you talk about it. 
When did they start? 
Natalie: I don't remember exactly when. I think I've always dreamt of her, even when I was little. I remember being 10 and dreaming I was blond, just like my older sister. But it was 2 years ago where in my dreams I became the slayer and I met Damien.
Tristan: Oh, yay, we're talking about him now?
Natalie: Just for a second, I'm done now. 
And Tristan, has Natalie ever talked to you about her dreams? 
Tristan: Only once stuff started getting tough. Now, yeah we've talked about it some. At first I admit I was really freaked out. Another dimension where we all exist and have lives different from this one? It's like having a twin that's you, and you have no control over them. But then I realized it was kind of cool that another me was living in this world and he has a pretty cool life. I mean, I do. I mean…
Natalie: It'll get easier the more you talk about it. 
What are your thoughts on her dreams? 
Tristan: It's hard to put my thoughts into words. I always thought Natalie was amazing and always felt like I was the only one who knew, you know? Oh , no offense, Nat… Now our friends know she's amazing and I have to share her. What happens in our dreams affects us and vice versa. Imagine if that got out?
Natalie: People would freak.
Tristan: There would definitely be freaking. 
To end on a lighter note, let's play a little “This or That!” Just a fun get-to-know you game where you choose between two choices. 

Chocolate or Vanilla? 
Tristan: There's a flavor other than chocolate?
Natalie: I like chocolate too. 
Pie or Cake? 
Natalie: PIE!
Tristan: Pie is pretty good, but it'd be better with frosting 
Morning or Night? 
Natalie: Night, that's where the real fun starts.
Tristan: That's my party girl. I prefer mornings because there are muffins.
Natalie: Oh, I forgot about the muffins…Can I change my answer?  
Books or Movies? 
Tristan: Movies
Natalie: Books are way better! 
Tea or Coffee? 
Natalie: Tea
Tristan: Coffee. Tea's for girls and old guys.
Natalie: Mr. Buckle isn't old.
Tristan: Right, that's what he keeps saying.
Thanks so much for stopping by today! It was great to get to know the two of you better! And dear readers, guess what?! You're in luck! Today I've got a chance for you to win an e-book copy of The Dream Slayer! Enter away!!

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Jill Cooper loves tea more than coffee and is obsessed over finding that perfect recipe. She lives in Danvers, MA with two cats, a toddler, a husband, and a 1964 yellow taxi. Her life is chaotic, but fun. She is currently working on a new Sci-fi thriller and the sequel to the Dream Slayer. She can be contacted at http://www.jillacooper.com

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