23 March 2012

Friday Fling showcasing more of my @EntangledPub addiction!


During Friday Fling , I share with you a "just for fun" romance book or novella that I read and really enjoyed.  It will generally be a "mini review" instead of a full review and I'll often stray from my YA focus into the realm of adult romance (which, in case you're curious, is my guilty pleasure).  These are books that I think are fun, quick reads that are definitely worth checking out!

I've been featuring just one title per week, but it makes me feel like I'm getting "behind" in posting about the romance novels that I read and if you're a romance reader, you definitely should consider checking these out! SO....this week I'm going to share two once again.  Just can't help myself. ;) (And I will probably feature more Entangled Publishing titles over the next few weeks because I went on a reading binge so stay tuned! I'll just do two at a time.)

Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Release Date: 2 August 2011
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After losing her swanky art gallery job, Autumn Cole uproots her 12 year old son and returns to the small town where she grew up to take care of her aging father.  She never expected Henry Tobler--the guy she loved and left when she found out she was pregnant--to be there (guess that explains clocking him in the nose with an encyclopedia).  As Henry and Autumn explore the remaining feelings that they have for each other, will they find the strength to move beyond their difficult pasts and embrace love?

The "What If" Guy was a fast and fabulous read. Autumn's personality is authentic and makes her a fun character to get to know. Add in the very attractive Mr. Tobler, a sarcastic 12-year old son, a drunken father, and a way too "in your business" small town and you've got the makings of what was a really fun romance novel.  The relationships that Autumn rekindles with both the townspeople and her former love make this a read that you won't be able to put down! The story is entertaining and realistic.  Brooke Moss certainly knows how to write a story that you feel could be happening in your own small town any day now.

Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Release Date: 14 February 2012
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Alexa McKenzie needs money to save her family's home. Billionaire Nicholas Ryan has money to spare but he needs a wife to secure his fortune.  The two make a business deal that secures Alexa's family home and Nick's fortune and vow that their one-year marriage will be strictly business.  But are business and pleasure mutually exclusive?  What happens when the two can't fight their growing attraction?

The Marriage Bargain is a sexy read that explores the chemistry of two people with a history.  Nick broke Alexa's heart many years ago, but she'll do anything to save her family's home.  Alexa is both fiercely independent and fiercely loyal.  She's dedicated to her little bookstore (yay!) and helping her family.  Nick is ever the sexy un-attached billionaire, but you can't help falling for him little-by-little as he becomes unable to ignore his desire for this woman he married for business reasons.  Jennifer Probst's writing will pull you in and leave you smiling.  She's definitely an author that will give you a taste of her writing and storytelling skills and send you looking for more of her work.

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Jennifer Probst said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful, fun review, Jessi! I am thrilled you loved both of the books! I am ready to go on a reading binge myself - they are so much fun!!

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