08 April 2011

Dewey's 24 Hour Read-A-Thon

Well, I think I'm going to do it!

Dewey's 24-Hour Read-a-thon...yeah...I HAD to pick this button...
Basically ever since I found out about this event, I've been debating about whether or not I will participate.  I've gone back and forth a number of times.  If you've been following me for awhile, then you'll know that I made a Lenten pledge of no pleasure reading (except for glorious, glorious Sundays).  I've been debating breaking the pledge for about a week now, lol (I didn't last long, right?).  However, despite that pledge, I'm going to participate in this reading marathon.  To compensate, I've decided that I will give up reading this coming Sunday and the following (and I didn't read last Sunday--I'm practically in withdrawal). Basically what I'm saying--no more reading until Easter (April 24th).  *ouch*

But, I think it will be totally worth it!  I've decided that for every book that I read tomorrow I'm going to donate $5 to a local literacy program.  I actually haven't decided exactly where I'm going to give my money yet.  I have a few ideas, but a couple recent developments may have changed my mind.  I'll post where I give at the end of the read-a-thon! :-)

So, a little more about my read-a-thon plans...

  • Breakfast: Dark Chocolate Raspberry (or Banana Bread) Oatmeal (quick and easy)
  • Lunch: Lean Pocket (again, quick and easy!)
  • Dinner: Black-Bean Quinoa Casserole (already made and in the freezer...just have to thaw and cook)
  • Snacks: Greek Yogurt with granola, apples, canned peaches, granola bars, bananas
  • Beverages: coffee!!, hot tea, lots-o-water (the perpetually filled 32-oz bottle), and this delicious Orange-Mango zero calorie sparkling beverage (I can't remember what it's called) (...and maybe a beer or wine in the evening)

Potential Reading List--with selections from my NookColor and physical books:
  • Sweethearts by Sara Zarr
  • The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen
  • Green by Laura Peyton Roberts
  • Sovay by Celia Rees
  • The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa
  • The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa
  • Delirium by Lauren Oliver
  • Radiance by Alyson Noel
  • Oh. My. Gods. by Tera Lynn Childs
  • Switched by Amanda Hocking
  • Wings by Aprilynne Pike
  • Evermore by Alyson Noel
  • Glimmerglass by Jenna Black
  • The Mermaid's Mirror by L.K. Madigan
  • Tithe: A Modern Fairytale by Holly Black
  • Burned by P.C. Cast
  • Darklight by Lesley Livingston
And, no, I don't plan on reading ALL of this. HAHAHA.  I'm hoping to get through at least 4-5 books. I just wanted to have a variety of books chosen so that I have CHOICES.  Very important to me, lol.  I figure I'll pile the physical books on my coffee table before curling up on the love seat with coffee and (probably) a kitten.

If you're interested, I'll probably post a single update here on my blog to update throughout the day, possibly with "mini-musings" on books I finish (or start but abandon).  I'll try to update Goodreads as well so feel free to follow my progress there.  However, I'll probably do the vast majority of my updates on my Facebook page.  (I don't tweet at this time...still one of those things I'm considering but not ready to commit to!)

Follow me as I read tomorrow!! Are you participating? Leave me a link with the best way to follow you and I'll try to check in throughout the day!


Vasilly said...

Your stack of books and your list of food both look great! I know you're going to have a fantastic time tomorrow.

I'm participating in the read-a-thon as both a reader and cheerleader. You can follow me on my blog! I'll be sure to come back tomorrow and cheer you on!

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

i'm just joining as i've just learned of this~
wo cheerleading you right now :) GO GIRL!! **rah** *rah* **sis boom bah** check in time :)

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

i'm posting at http://faithhopecherrytea.posterous.com/
rather than the above link to FHC ~
see you later? thx ....

jehara said...

I like how you are so organized about your readathon plans! Your black bean quinoa dish sounds yummy.

Amanda said...

You're doing great!!! Happy Reading!

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

i'm posting at http://faithhopecherrytea.posterous.com/
rather than the above link to FHC ~
see you later? thx ....

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